Title | Changing Social Perceptions on Mining-Related Activities: A Key Challenge in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Coordination and Production | The journal of Aspects in Mining & Mineral Science (AMMS) 

Authors | António Mateus, Department of Geology and Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL), Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Date | July 6th, 2020

ISSN: 2578-0255



Title | Dez razões para apoiar e incentivar a indústria mineira: globalmente, na UE e em Portugal

Coordination and Production | Associação Portuguesa de Geólogos | GEONOVAS VOL. 32, n.º 2: 11 a 40, 2019 11

Authors | António Mateus e Luís Martins

Date | November 2019



Title | Towards a multi-dimensional methodology supporting a safeguarding decision on the future access to mineral resources

Coordination and Production | Miner Econ - DOI 10.1007/s13563-017-0114-y

Authors | A. Mateus, C. Lopes, L. Martins, J. Carvalho

Date | August 9th, 2017



Title | Recursos naturais de lítio: suporte essencial ao sucesso das políticas de transição energética e de mobilidade elétrica na 3ª década do século XXI

Coordination and Production |

Authors  | António Mateus

Date |

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