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Bronze Label certification recognizes good Cluster management practices

The Mineral Resources Cluster is renewing its Bronze Label certification. This is the recognition of the excellence of the Cluster's management, evaluated by international experts. According to the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA), Clusters are complex and dynamic structures that are subject to continuous change and that have a leading role in promoting economic growth, leveraging the innovation and business potential of the region in which they operate. are inserted. They are also responsible for identifying new job opportunities, new products and services, new companies, new R&D activities and new patents.

In addition, organizations within a cluster can be powerful vehicles for identifying and addressing new trends and acting as agents of change for industrial modernization, regional economic development or in accelerating entrepreneurship.

It is, therefore, a very important certification, because it validates the trajectory and initiatives that the Mineral Resources Cluster has developed in Portugal, as well as validates the management model of the different activities in which the sector is involved.

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