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Cluster is a founding member of the Alliance for the European Circular Economy

The Alliance for the Circular Economy is part of the Action Plan for the Circular Economy launched by the European Commission in March 2020. This plan integrates initiatives transversal to the life cycle of products, promoting circular processes, sustainable consumption and the maintenance of resources as long as possible in the European economy. Circularity and efficiency in the use of resources are seen by the EU as a prerequisite for climate neutrality, in alignment with the Green Deal and the European industrial strategy.

The Alliance's ambition is to help implement the Circular Economy Action Plan by accelerating the development of cutting-edge solutions. In this context, the two major ambitions of the Alliance are:

  • Create conditions for the success of business projects and encourage the emergence of innovative investment projects - new solutions, technologies, business models that can be developed and implemented in the market;

  • Create a favorable environment for the development of norms, standards and other practices that contribute to guarantee an effective adaptation of circular economy policies to the reality of the industry.

The Alliance is composed of intermediary organizations (clusters, industrial parks ...) with the capacity to lead and join efforts in the adoption and implementation of the economic solutions recommended for the circular economy of the future.

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