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Cluster joins the European Alliance for Raw Materials

On September 29, the European Commission, represented by Vice-President Sefcovic, launched the European Raw Materials Alliance - European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA). The new Alliance was established due to the recognition of the critical importance of raw materials for the EU's security, sustainability and industrial leadership. It was recognized that to achieve environmental ambitions, digital transition and future leadership in technological terms, there will be a significant increase in demand and consumption for critical raw materials.

The European Alliance for Raw Materials intends to identify barriers, opportunities and investment possibilities for European training at all stages of the raw materials value chain, from mining and exploration to waste recovery.

As a first step, the Alliance will primarily focus on increasing European resilience in the rare earth and permanent magnet value chains, as these are vital to most industrial ecosystems in Europe, in particular for the growth of electric mobility, storage of energy and wind turbines. In a second phase, it should expand its action to other topics related to the needs of basic metals and others, essential for energy storage and conversion.

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