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Cluster participates in European initiative for circular economy

The Mineral Resources Cluster was invited to create the European Alliance for Cross-Industrial Circular Economy Investment. This Alliance intends to create a pipeline of investment in circular economy projects, taking into account the climate crisis and the potential economic opportunities offered by the circularity applied to our industry. There is already a wide range of research and evidence-based analysis that has enabled the first foundations of the circular economy to be established, and the purpose of the Alliance is to make these projects happen. The challenge, therefore, is to unlock investments for the circular economy.

The Alliance is, at this stage, preparing a strategy for action that is based on two fundamental principles:

  • Support circular economy projects and promote initiatives so that they can achieve success in terms of the market;

  • Create the appropriate frameworks so that projects can be implemented, with the necessary adaptations to the reality and policies of the circular industrial economy

The presence of the Portuguese Cluster will ensure the transfer of know-how to the national business sector and take advantage of opportunities to develop international projects in this area.

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