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Reviving project starts in October with the participation of the Mineral Resources Cluster

The Reviving project, of which the Cluster is a part and will play a relevant role, is a European project approved by the ERAMIN 2 program for international cooperation. This program promotes research and innovation in non-energy and non-agricultural raw materials to strengthen the competitiveness of the industry and change to the circular economy.

The objective of the REVIVING project is to obtain improved models for an efficient recycling of metals from mine waste, based, for the first time, on native rejects, microbiome manipulation, using molecular data to promote bacterial populations of bioleaching and hydrometallurgy, through of an innovative methodology using negative pressure.

The Reviving project will run from October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2023 and involves a consortium of 8 partners: 4 entities from Portugal, 3 from Romania and 1 from France.

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