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Strategy for the next decade

The Mineral Resources Cluster has increased its membership base by 11% since the beginning of the year. It is another important recognition of the work that is developed in favor of the sector. It is also worth noting that since the beginning of the year and until 15 July, the Cluster supported the development of 6 applications in consortium to the Incentive System - Research and Technological Development (SI I&DT) in co-promotion. Finally, realize that the Cluster is working on the design of the 2021-2027 Strategy, based on founding documents such as the European Green Deal, which, in essence, indicate some fundamental axes for the future of the development of the European economy: the transition to an even more digital economy; in the European industrial strategy; and in the regions' smart specialization strategies. Soon, the Cluster will provide more information on this process, as it will be necessary for all members and some key stakeholders in the sector to participate.

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