Workshop IV of the EXPLORA - ONLINE project Theme: Neves-Corvo near Mining exploration scenarios

Atualizado: Abr 23

Within the scope of the EXPLORA project, Workshop IV of the EXPLORA project was held on October 27 with the theme "Neves-Corvo near Mining exploration scenarios". This workshop corresponded to the closure of the activities of the referred project and was carried out in a virtual format.

The workshop presented the new special volume of Geological Communications dedicated to the Iberian Pyrite Belt as well as the new metallogenetic charts 1/200 000 from the south of the country (pages 5, 6, 7 and 8). A presentation was made by Somincor / Lundin Mining about their mining project. The EXPLORA team also presented some of the main results of their investigation.

Workshop participants were entitled to a special volume of Geological Communications and to the 4 thematic maps of the Minas Gerais region of Neves-Corvo (Geological-Mine Chart, Gravimetric Chart, Magnetic Chart and Radiometric Chart).

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