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Triad Da sustainability

The European Commission (EC) has published the European Green Deal , which aims to sustain the economy of the European Union (EU).

The Raw Materials Procurement Group and the EC developed and agreed on a set of voluntary and non-binding EU principles for raw material sustainability .

The Pact is at the heart of the EU's environmental , climate and industrial policy, setting the goals of climate neutrality and zero pollution by 2050 and strengthening the targets for reducing CO2 emissions to 55% by 2030.

Achieving the goals of the Green Deal will require access to sustainable raw materials , in particular critical raw materials , essential for clean technologies , digital , space and defense applications, through diversification of supply from primary and secondary sources. .

EU principles for the sustainability of raw materials

These principles will contribute to an integrated approach to the sustainable extraction and processing of raw materials in Europe in terms of social, environmental and economic performance.

Stages of raw material production covered by EU principles for raw material sustainability

The EU principles for raw material sustainability apply in the EU to the extraction and processing phases of non-energy raw materials and to the entire life cycle of minerals value chains, from exploration to post-closure, as well as as well as the production of secondary raw materials from extractive waste streams, such as sterile rock or waste and other processing waste
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