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Geodiversity Through the Lens of Built Heritage

The DER Técnico joins the Center for Natural Resources and Environment (CERENA) in celebrating International Geodiversity Day with the activity entitled "Geodiversity Through the Lens of Built Heritage".

This activity, which will take place on October 9th, 2023, includes a study visit to a monument in Lisbon - Lisbon Cathedral - where participants will have the opportunity to observe the diversity of stone materials (correlated with periods of construction or restoration) and also show the response (sometimes quite different) of these materials to agents of degradation and, therefore, show different patterns of decay.


APA gives green light to Montalegre mine and approves first lithium refinery in Portugal

The Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente (APA) has just given the "green light" to the reformulated lithium mine project that the company Lusorecursos wants to explore in Montalegre, which in addition to extracting this mineral also includes a refinery on the same site.


According to the company, construction work on the Romano mining project could begin in 2025 (including the respective access tunnels to the underground mine) and will last two years, with entry into operation scheduled for 2027.

The fact that this project includes refining the raw ore on site "is a clear added value of the project, due to the added value generated" and the "importance of the value chain being located in the territory".


I4-GREEN Technical Open Session

I4-GREEN Technical Open Session will take place online on the 6th September 2023, 16h30 CET, with the main objective of providing a technical briefing session for open call applicants. In this occasion, the pilot companies will share with attendants specific technical parameters to ensure a perfect fit to the real pilots’ (1-IHO Extremadura & 2-E-LIX Andalusia) requirements.